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Mickey Luggage Tags

With Disney parks starting to reopen around the world, many families are starting to think about vacations again!  Or maybe you're not heading to a Disney property and just want to spice up your annual trip to the relatives.  No matter where you're heading, you need to bring some clothes with you.  I highly suggest that you make packing cubes part of your organizational plan.

On a lot of family packing blogs, they suggest that you pack your family's clothes in ziptop bags, one bag for each person for each day.  That's a lot of plastic bags!  I know that they can be reused, but that only works if kids are gentle with the bags when they open them.  Or if the bag doesn't get punctured in some way during the trip.

Instead of using slippery plastic bags, our family uses packing cubes.  If you've never heard of them, packing cubes are thin fabric bags that have zippers to close them and usually a handle for carrying them.  Most people use them inside of their normal luggage, but we've even skipped that part too!

We now use packing cubes for everything!  Whether we're going on a long road trip, a weekend camping trip, an overnighter, a day swimming trips, or whatever we're doing that requires us to carry some extra clothes.  We don't even use luggage anymore- we just carry them out to the car and toss them in the back.  Having them separated from each other means they're easy to stick around the bigger things in the car instead of having to fit one whole suitcase into the car.  They're light enough for the kids to carry, too.

For long road trips, we pack the entire family's clothes for 1 day in one Amazon Basics medium packing cube.  Each cube has everything the family member needs for that day including night diapers (if needed), socks, accessories, or whatever.  I've even added gifts in the cube for relatives that we'd be seeing that day, so I didn't have to search for them.  When we get to the hotel, we just have to bring in that one small bag and our toiletries bag (although you could put toiletries in the cubes- you'd just need duplicates).  It makes it really easy!

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Last year, I put Jurassic Park luggage tags on the blog, and today I'm adding a Mickey themed one to the collection.  To get the tags, click on the link and print the PDF.  There are three different color options and two types of ways to organize- by days of the week or by numbers.  There is also a page of bonus tags with words like "sweatshirts" and "swimsuits" and a page of blanks for making your own labels.

I recommend printing the pages you want to use on cardstock, then cut out the mouse heads and laminate them for longevity.  You can punch a hole at the top of the tags and put a string through them to attach them to the packing cubes.  Then, you just need to put the clothes in the cubes!

When you're on your trip, you can look at the tag to know which set of clothes you need to bring into the hotel or dig into for the day.  It's made our trips so much easier and has really helped us keep track of which sets of clothes have already been worn.  Plus, when you're travelling and that attraction you've been waiting to see is colder than you were expecting, you can very easily pull out the sweatshirts for everyone.

Let me know if you use packing cubes in the comments below.  What other tags would you like to see?

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Dinosaur Park Packing Cube Labels


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