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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Printables

I was chatting with another mom as she prepares for a family road trip.  She was asking about scavenger hunt printables.  I was surprised to realize that I had never done anything with road trip bingo.  I enjoyed putting together these images for her.  Scroll the bottom of the post for a brand new scavenger hunt from Party Through the USA!

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As promised at the beginning of the post- two new road trip scavenger hunt games.  They are US-centric because that's what I know, but they should be mostly good for all regions of the USA.  I chose to do gas stations and hotel chains, since those are very common sightings and an integral part of road trips.  Pass one out to each kid or give both to all the kids.  Place them in a page cover or laminate them to use over and over.  A whiteboard marker can be used to mark out the signs you see or even the places you visit.  Let me know in the comments what you want to see next.

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