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Jurassic Printable Labels for Themed Road Trip

We just got back from our Jurassic-themed road trip to the beach, which I will be writing more about soon.  To organize our stuff, I made these cute parody labels with a Jurassic Park feel.  Throughout the entire trip, the family talked about the pictures, but they really made it fun.

I started out making labels for our packing cubes. which we use like small suitcases or envelopes for each day.  I used the days of the week, because packing the entire family one day at a time works best for us.  I also have labels for our sweatshirts, dress-up clothes, and sweatshirts.  I also included some blank labels if you'd rather put names on them or add extra details.

Probably most strangely of the entire set, I have a label for the travel potty according to my emergency toilet blog post earlier this year.  Although it sometimes made things a bit messy, the coffee can toilet worked pretty well for us.  I'll write more about it when I do our trip summery post later.

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I printed and laminated these labels for durability.  Even through we were on the wet coast, they lasted very well and still look like new.  I haven't done the themed labels for our trips before, but I am really enjoyed it.  I'm sure there will be more in the future.

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