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How to Make Adventurous and Yummy Food While Camping

I have a confession to make- I wasn't planning on writing this blog post, so I don't have any real pictures to share.  You'll have to use your imagination.  I'm also not sharing any recipes, because that's not the type of blogger that I am.  This will be a list of suggestions more than it will be a compilation of recipes.

People have been asking my parents for years- don't you get tired of eating hot dogs all the time?  Everything I've learned and will write about today has been learned from them.  In fact, we still camp exclusively with them.  Our group is usually larger- between 10 and 20 people, so several of my ideas will relate to larger family/group cooking.  Oh, and if it's not clear from this huge list- we car/popup camp, so most of this list won't be good advice if you're a backpacking family.

Hot Dog Roasting Stick

Probably the simplest way to cook over the campfire is with a Marshmallow Stick.  Of course, you can use them for making S…

Wyoming Dinosaur Center- Family Friendly Attractions

Last year, I wrote a blog post about the Dinosaur Museums on our family bucket list.  After we saw one of our favorite Youtubers, Coyote Peterson, visit the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, the kids were even more excited to see the fossils there.  We really enjoyed it and it made a great compliment to the Mammoth Dig Site, as we spent a lot of time comparing the two types of animals.

As amazing as it is to see full dinosaur skeletons, it's even cooler to see the variety of life we can find in the fossil record.  From piles of trilobites to fish, crabs, plants, and more, a significant portion of biological life is on display at the museum.  The smaller collection, though, means that the amount of each species isn't boring or overwhelming for kids.  They were fascinated!

The museum hosts a very impressive collection of swimming, flying, and stomping dinosaurs!  According to my research, there are about 60 animals represented.  The kids especially loved the plesiosaur and mososaurus an…

Idaho Bucket List for Families

Idaho is full of beautiful natural places to visit and many Idahoans spend a lot of time in nature whether white water rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, boating, camping, or foraging.  What's lesser known, even to most Idahoans is all the man-made attractions we have in our state.  From history museums to amusement parks, here are 10 places you must put on your family bucket list.

1- Cataldo Mission
The Cataldo Mission at Old Mission State part in Northern Idaho is the oldest building in the state.  It was built between 1850 and 1853 in a cooperation between Catholic missionaries and the Coeur d' Alene (CDA) tribe.  If you're coming through Idaho on I-90, this park a few miles outside of CDA makes a great 1-2 hour educational and cultural field trip and a lovely place for a picnic.

2- World Center for Birds of Prey
A few years ago, we visited the Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, SD, and really enjoyed it.  We missed their raptor show, though.  Ever since then, we&#…

Camping Books for Kids

I love reading on social media about camping, whether it's people asking questions about camping with kids or pictures of happy, family trips. It makes me feel like things are finally getting back to normal for many people, which makes my heart very joyful. Even if you're not in a place where camping is allowed quite yet, you can still read about camping in this fun collection of books. They'd also be a nice activity for a rainy camping trip or a way to keep the excitement alive even when it's not camping season. Learn more about the books by clicking on the colored text.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping
I'm not sure if English is Amelia Bedelia's first language or not, but she always seems to get the meaning of the words messed up.  She thinks that pitch a tent means to throw it and that catching a fish is done with your hands.  Kids will laugh at the silly situations that she gets herself into, while enjoying this fun camping adventure.

Just Me and My Dad
I loved

Family-Friendly Attractions: Mammoth Dig Site

On our recent family road trip, we got to visit the Mammoth Dig Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  Our family loves to see dinosaur fossils, but this was our first time looking at ancient mammals.  The site is home to the largest collection of Colombian Mammoths in the world!  And Colombian Mammoths are the biggest land mammals to ever live on earth!  It's so amazing to stand under their shadow and imagine living during their time.

As the name implies, the museum is an active dig site, which attracts paleontologists from all over the world.  There are even options for kids to dig!  Our entire family enjoyed play "I-Spy" to pick out the mammoth fossils.  The pictures don't do it justice at all.  You can see entire bodies, lots of heads, and various body parts.

 The site used to be a hot springs sink hole, and many other animals besides mammoths are enclosed within the mud.  The list includes Woolly Mammoths, Giant Short Faced Bears, American Camel, llamas, prairie d…