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100 Screen-Free Camping Activities for Kids

It's almost Memorial Day, which for those of us in the northwest is the kickoff to camping season!  When we're out as a family, we try to keep the phone and tablet usage to a minimum (plus we go far enough into the woods that that we don't have cell reception usually) with the exception of the odd e-reader.  Instead, the emphasis is on spending time together as a family and enjoying the outdoors.  Because the question often comes up in parenting groups, I thought it would be a good idea to make a big list of things kids (and adults) can do outside- away from the cabin, RV, tent, and devices.

To make the list more interesting, I asked my blogging friends to contribute their own blog posts to show how their family does these activities.  After I only got about half my links filled, I filled in the rest with other articles I found.  The colored text is clickable.

1- Geocaching (Explore More, Clean Less)

2- Painted Rocks (Sixth Bloom)

3- Kayaking (E.C. Edventures)

4- Mountain Biking (Tales of a Mountain Mama)

5- Flashlight Tag (Kids Activities Blog)

6- Hiking (Mama Smiles)

7- Water Skiing (Boating Essentials // Juggling Act Mama)

8- Firefly Catching (Bug Necklace // Whimsy Love)

9- Scavenger Hunts (Sixth Bloom)

10- Baseball (Friendship Bracelets // Butterscotch and Berrys)

11- Crabbing/Crawdad Catching (Make a Trap // Christian Parent)

12- Exploring (Don't forget the trail mix)

13- Play Board Games (Kids Love Board Games)

14- Chase snakes (Paracord Snakes // Frugal Fun for Boys)

15- Recreational Biking (Get a Bike Rack)

16- Dig in the Dirt (30 Activities // Hands On as We Grow)

17- Glow Stick Tag (Stock up on Gowsticks)

18- Play Cornhole (Create and Babble)

19- Bird Watching (Printable // Fantastic Fun and Learning)

20- Make Mud Pies (The Gingerbread House)

21- Play a Card Game (Dice // Mama Smiles)

22- Glow Stick Fetch (Stock up on Glow Sticks)

23- Lizard Catching (Don't Forget the Critter Keeper)

24- Hide and Seek (Auditory // Mosswood Connections)

25- Animal Tracking (Track Measuring // Rebecca Reid)

26- Build a Sandcastle (Sandcastle Play Dough /. Mama, Papa, Bubba)

27- Soccer (Pack a Ball)

28- Swimming (Water Games // Rebecca Reid)

29- Play a Musical Instrument (Games around the Fire // Ruffles and Rainboots)

30- Hunting (Here's a Bigfoot you could hunt together)

31- Frisbee (DIY Frisbee Golf // Little Gene Green Bean)

32- Play with Toy Trucks (our favorite truck for camping)

33- Obstacle Course (Train to be an American Ninja)

34- Fishing (Create Play Travel)

35- Build a Fairy House (Fairy Garden / Mama Smiles)

36- Make Pictures with Glow Sticks at Night (Stock up on Glow Sticks)

37- Squirt Guns (First Home Love Life)

38- Bowling (DIY Star Wars Set // The Gingerbread House)

39- Coloring/Drawing/Painting (Start a Nature Journal)

40- Glow Stick Light Saber Fight (Stock up on Glow Sticks)

41- Add to Your Shell or Rock Collection (E.C. Edventures)

42- Air Soft Guns (Get Biodegradable Pellets)

43- Play Lego (Travel Containers // Party Through the USA)

44- Chase the Baby/Toddler (Take Them Outside)

45- Play Kickball (Get one Here)

46- Frog Catching (Stir the Wonder)

47- Perfect Hula Hooping (More Games // A Girl and a Glue Gun)

48- Blow Bubbles (Mama Smiles)

49- Glow Stick Night Bowling (The Princess and the Tot)

50- Skip Rocks (Get Some Perfect Skipping Rocks)

51- Write/Draw in the Dirt (Coffee Cups and Crayons)

52- Play Tic Tac Toe (Tater Tots and Jello)

53- Hunt for Local Plants (Julie Naturally)

54- Follow a Deer Trail (Grab a Tracking Book)

55- Butterfly Catching (Or Hatch Your Own)

56- Slingshot and Rocks (DIY Angry Birds Slingshot)

57- Cook Over a Fire (These Pie Pans are the Bomb)

58- Make a Rock/Nature Picture (Emma Owl)

59- Go to a Drive In Movie (Or Make Your Own)

60- Fly a Kite (DIY Kite // Mama Smiles)

61- Take Pictures (KC Edventures)

62- Boating (Don't Forget Life Jackets!)

63- Fly Fishing (A Man and His Rod)

64- Lounge in a Hammock (Yep)

65- Look at the Stars (Star Scavenger Hunt // Real Life at Home)

66- Tell Stories (Campfire Stories for Kids // Mom Junction)

67- Carving (Kids' Knife)

68- Tubing Down a River (Outdoors Mom)

69- Easter Egg Hunt (KC Edventures)

70- Make Slime (Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids)

71- Learn to Chop Wood (Start with a Hatchet)

72- Do Tie Dye (S. Woodson Says)

73- Canoeing (Families Go Outdoors)

74- Football (Easy to Pack)

75- Learn to Use a Compass (DIY // The Awefilled Homemaker)

76- Sleep Under the Stars (Make Sure It's Not Going to Rain)

77- Bark Rubbing (Momgineer)

78- Leather Working (Starter Kit)

79- Climb Trees (Rhythm of Play)

80- Learn to Gather and Filter Water (Life Straws all the Way)

81- Attend a Forest Service Presentation (Jr Ranger Badges // Car Full of Kids)

82- Play Bocce Ball (Learn the Rules Here)

83- Make a Notebook of Your Discoveries (Sixth Bloom)

84- Read a Book (Julie Naturally)

85- Practice Map Reading/Navigation (Get Out with the Kids)

86- Do Homework/Homeschooling (How We Learn)

87- Play Chess/Checkers (Little Bins for Little Hands)

88- Spit Watermelon Seeds (Kid Friendly Things to Do)

89- Sit Still and Listen (Camping Chairs)

90- Make Play Dough Creations (Keeper of the Memories)

91- Dance Party (Happy Songs // Happy You, Happy Family)

92- Balloon Animals (Learn Something New)

93- Make Pine Needle Tea (Julie Naturally)

94- Hunt for Bugs (KC Edventures)

95- Paint Your Body (Kid Safe Paint // Crafty Morning)

96- Walk the Campground (Take Them Outside)

97- Practice Handstands (Livestrong)

98- Hunt for Birds' Nests (Still Playing School)

99- Roll Down a Hill (Rhythms of Play)

100- Let Them Be Bored! (Seriously, They Won't Die)

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  1. So many great ideas here, the only problem is finding the time to do them all! Thanks for the tips


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