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50+ Travel Toys in an Altoid Tin

This blog article was originally posted on my first blog In Our Pond.  I started out trying to put all my travel content on my homeschooling blog, but it grew to be too big.  So, I'm moving all the road trip stuff over here!  It'll probably take me a while to move all the posts, but I'll also be posting new content on here as well.  In Our Pond will now be exclusively for homeschooling and parenting content, while this blog (Party Through the USA) is for all the family travel posts.  Check them both out!

Now that it's the New Year, I've started thinking about SUMMER!  In fact, I've already started planning our next themed road trip (which I'll be revealing soon).  About this time of year, I start up my Travel Time Tuesday posts, and today is the first one!

50+ Travel Toys in an Altoid Tin from In Our Pond  #miniatures #altoidtin #travel #airplane #roadtrip In this digital age, it's easy to hand your child a device and pacify them with movies and games the entire trip.  But, as we all know, you miss so much when you're living life through a screen.  Wouldn't it be nice if our road trips could be simpler, even a bit old fashioned?

Altoids may be associated with grandfathers, but the tins they come in are a great size for pocket toys.  If you don't have anyone in your life that eats altoids, you can buy crafting tins on Amazon.  If you have family members (like I do that can't get enough of the mints), then you might want to try making your own candies with this recipe.

Once you've collected your tins, you're ready to craft.  After the jump, you'll find 50 travel toys contained in a tiny tin.

Micropul Game // Board Game Geek
This game looks very interesting, sort of a twist on Carcassone.  I like that it can be played with 1 or 2 players, so it's good for travel.

Zen Garden // Pinterest User
If you can't get through your day without putting your hands in sand, this tin is for you.

Mini Play Kitchen // Made by Joel
If you have a child who likes to cook, this is the perfect tin for them.

Sewing Kit // Miss Repurpose
This is great for minor repairs and sewing enthusiasts.  It's amazing how much is in this tiny tin.

Baseball Game // Plaid Online
I love the outside of this tin, and the game is magnetic so you can play anywhere.

Pentomino Puzzles // Growing Free
If you have the crafting ability, it would be nice to make this magnetic so they're easier to pick up.

I'm amazed at how tiny this game is!  Check it out for yourself.

Pretend Play // Housewife Ecclectic
These felt sets are adorable!

Board Games // Forgotten Scraps
Print and play this fun and beautiful game.

Coloring Kit // Etsy
These seller made doodles are so cute.  You could also just put the crayons in a tin and carry the coloring book separately.

Paper Paris // Made by Joel
Even if you're not travelling to Paris, you can still visit this paper version.  Print and play.

Leap Frog Game // Thingiverse
This 3D printed game can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

Mini Table Tennis // Pinterest User
There is only a picture of this game, but it looks like an interesting idea.

Alligator Small World // Etsy
These Good Luck Mini alligators are very cute.  For sale on Etsy, but it would also be easy to craft too.

US License Plate Game // Pinterest User
This is only a picture, but I'm sure you could make your own with wood disks and magnets.

Hamster Small World // Etsy
A few scraps of felt and other fabrics make up this adorable pet small world.  I love all the details!

Paper Quilting // Red Handled Scissors
I had never heard of paper quilting until I ran into this blog post.  If you like tiny details, enjoy hands sewing, and have lots of time, this is the craft for you.

Small Farm // Pinterest User
Buttons and stickers are the main ingredients to this simple farm small world tin.

Unicorn Small World // Etsy
This set is so amazing!  I love all the details!  I know my unicorn loving daughter would love this toy.

Mini Road // Big Fish Blog
Tiny cars and trucks and a bit of road tape make an easy road trip toy.

Peg Family // Pinterest User
There's no link on this one, but the peg family would be easy enough to find and paint.  You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Mini Suitcases // Craft Foxes
These mini suitcases would make great accessories for doll play.  I don't think a matchbox car can fit inside an Altoid tin, though.

It's astounding how much the Etsy seller fit into a tin.  It has everything a knitter could want and would be perfect for travel.

Wood Story Stones // Etsy
There are a few ways to make your own story stones.  The easiest would be to use wood disks and stickers.  Then, use the pictures to inspire your story telling.

The Other 25 can be Found Here

More Altoids for Travel

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