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Family Food Hacks for Camping

It's almost the end of the summer, and most people are planning their last camping trips.  Labor Day weekend (USA) is also a popular time for family reunions and celebrations.  If you're looking for a few unique ideas to make your time together extra special, you'll love these family-tested hacks.

My kids LOVE those store-bought applesauce pouches that you can buy on the fruit isle of the grocery store.  They're sweet, convenient, and "contain real fruit;" however, I do not like their price tag.  Those little pouches are only 3 oz and they're not reusable.

The other day, I decided to try an experiment with the "portion control" narrow zip top bags that I had in the house.  I used a canning funnel to fill them with applesauce.  Then, I zipped them up and poked a hole in them for the straw (we've since switched to stainless steel straws).  The kids held them by the top edges and sipped out the applesauce.  It was magic!  Plus, they're reusable!

Another option would be to use reusable drink pouches like these, which would hold even more applesauce.  Make them before your outing and stick them in the cooler or bring the pieces and make them up at camp (or in a hotel).

We found that adding a bit of water to the applesauce stretches it a bit (important if you're making a bunch) and makes the fruit easier to suck up through the straw.  Or add some juice for a totally different flavor!

This amazing bacon weave was my mom's idea!  It's 3 pieces of bacon, cut in half, and then woven together into a waffle.  After cooking them in the oven, they're perfect for hamburgers, BLTs, club sandwiches, and more.  Plus, they transport very well for camping.

My whole family loves these Pie Iron Pies- tasty sweets sandwiched in bread and toasted over the fire.  The cast iron device on a roasting stick, which can be used for many different recipes from breakfast to dessert.  Stuff them with meat, cheese, eggs, or whatever for a crunchy, toasty treat.  They make a great gift for the camper in your life, especially if you pair it with a pudge pie cookbook.  Easy enough for anyone to master.

Comment below with your favorite camping hack.

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