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DIY Cord Keeper Ideas

I've love spending my time in between road trips crafting and figuring out better ways to organize all the little things that are part of our journeys.  Lately, I've been thinking about our bluetooth radio transmitter (we have one that fits in a cupholder) and charging station in the car and some ways I can make it more functional.

I just ordered longer USB cords which should make it easier for us to manipulate our devices around for use while they charge.  I'm also thinking about ways to secure the cords and keep them out of our way while we're using the cords.  Perhaps I'll buy some cord clips to attach to the dashboard.

When we're not using the cords and want to store them in our car or in my purse, I wanted to DIY a special place to keep them.  I hopped on the internet to check out what other people had done and thus this post was born.  This round-up features lots of recycled containers, which is always wonderful.  I haven't quite decided what I want to make, but I'm leaning toward the round one with the hanging clip.

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