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25 Toys in an Altoid Tin

This blog article was originally posted on my first blog In Our Pond.  I started out trying to put all my travel content on my homeschooling blog, but it grew to be too big.  So, I'm moving all the road trip stuff over here!  It'll probably take me a while to move all the posts, but I'll also be posting new content on here as well.  In Our Pond will now be exclusively for homeschooling and parenting content, while this blog (Party Through the USA) is for all the family travel posts.  Check them both out!

25 Altoid Tin Toys for Travel from In Our Pond

It's no secret on this blog that I love altoid tins.  I've talked about storing homeschooling supplies, math games, and math counters in them.  I've even talked about them in relationship to road trips before!  When I was getting ready for our beach vacation, I looked at altoid tins again.  There are many uses for these small metal tins, but travel toys has to be my favorite use.

Use magnetic sticker sheets to make words and keep track of your State license plates.

This is an amazing invention- in an altoid tin!

Mermaid Small World
Felt and mini Disney toys make up this magical small world.

Safari Good Luck Minis make adorable toys for this underwater world.

Altoid Tin Pool Table
Use silver beads to recreate this miniature pool table set.

Spelling Fun
Put magnets on scrabble tiles for some
                                                                        easy spelling practice.

Magnetic Handwriting Without Tears Kit
Put sticker magnetic sheets onto shapes for letter shape practice.

Use wood tiles and stamps to make a memory match game.

Travel crafters need this tin with mini stamps and tiny ink.

This adorable mouse is made with felt.

Make this creative mini game to fit completely in an altoid tin.

Troll Small World
With the new Trolls movie, these mini
troll toys are perfect for a road trip.

Chess, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe
This felt game set fits in an tiny tin!

Mini Tangrams
Get the free printable from the blog and add magnetic sticker sheets.

How cool is this mini Lego set!

Magnetic Sticker Scene
Put stickers on magnetic paper for a movable scene.

Make a math tool using small beads.

Small colored popsicle sticks and velcro create a unique building toy.

Cross Stitch Kit
Print a cross stitch pattern and add some embroidery thread for a lovely way to pass the time.

A Home for Squinkles
Give Squinkles a home in a tin.

We love small worlds in Altoid Tins.  This one uses dinosaur good luck minis, which are my kids favorites.

A matching game using wood disks and flag stickers

Print and stick onto magnetic sheets for a challenging puzzle game.

Necklace Kit
Cut up paper straws, pony beads, and yarn make for an easy to string necklace.

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25 Altoid Tin Toys for Travel from In Our Pond


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