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Mom Kit for Airplane Travel

At the beginning of the year, I always think about the vacations we can go on that year.  My mother-in-law recently moved too far away from us for a road trip, so we're talking about flying to visit her.  My husband and I haven't flown since coming home from living in Africa ten years ago, and we've never flown with kids, so I'm going to be doing a lot of blog posts as I get ready for such a big adventure.

I was in a Facebook group recently, where people were sharing their airplane travel tips.  One lady talked about the "survival kit" that she takes out of her larger carry-on and puts in the seat pocket of the seat.  It contains the things she wants to have access to as an adult, like reading glasses, medications, and chapstick.  Her list of items got me thinking about putting together a similar kit for moms!  The following list is all the items I'm considering for my own "survival kit."

We usually road trip our vacations, so packing small and light is a foreign concept.  Even though we haven't bought our tickets yet or even decided to go, I've already started talking to my kids about the differences between the two modes of travel.  This list was a great opportunity for me to get in that mindset myself.  What would you leave at home?  What would you add?

Survive your time on the airplane with this special kit of essentials for moms.

The Pouch

The whole kit starts with a durable zipper pouch in a bright color.  I like this choice because it comes in several colors giving you options for the entire family if you chose.  It comes with a little carabiner, but it also has a few loops where you can add your own.  At 8x6 inches, it's even large enough for my Kindle Paperwhite to fit inside, giving moms instant access to lots of great entertainment.

Sanitation Station

In these times that try the soul, keeping germs at bay is probably concern number one for most parents.  Stick a pack of antibacterial wipes into your kit for wiping down seat belts and tray tables, as well as anything else your family might touch on your journey.  For everything else, there's hand sanitizer.  I usually have one of these small bottles in my purse, but I know it'll be a good idea to have another one in my "Mom Kit."  If masking is still required on flights, adding an extra to your bag might be a good idea as well.

Creature Comforts

After the hygiene things are packed, you should add some comfort items for yourself and your family.  The noise of the airplane can be overwhelming even if you don't have sensory needs.  Since we do have family members with sensory processing disorder, putting some ear plugs in the kit seems like a really good idea.  The changes in pressure can make your nose run, so packing a few tissues would be helpful.  To combat the sinus and ear issues from the elevation changes, bring a pack of your families favorite gum and some lollipops.

Kid Stuff

No matter how minimal your try to be with what the kids bring on the flight, someone is probably going to drop and lose something at some point.  Pack a little keychain flashlight in your bag (or hang it off of it) to help you find the lost items.  As a mom, it might also be a good idea to bring a tiny first aid kit, some children and adult over the counter meds, and any other meds you might need for the day.  I plan on bringing Tylenol, a sinus medication, saline nose spray (for the dry air), anti-nausea pills, and anti-diarrhea meds. 

Sensory Processing Tips

Even kids who don't normally struggle with sensory issues or ADHD might benefit from some small fidgets and chew necklaces.  These spaghetti noodles looks like a lot of fun to squeeze, twist, and pull- I'd pack some snack bags to put the noodles in when you're not playing with them to keep them from spilling out of the bag.  Although they aren't as popular as they once were, a fidget spinner would tuck into the bag nicely and provide a lot of entertainment.  Party favor or wedding bottles of bubbles would be a good way to distract babies and toddlers, and the act of blowing will decrease stress in the parent. Wiki Sticks are a small, lightweight activity to keep the kids creative- I recommend the party pack so you don't have very many of the waxy sticks open at one time.  What else would you add to the list?

I'll update when I actually start packing and perhaps again when I get home to tell you all what I decided about the pouch.  I'm learning toward a useful cross-body bag also.  Or maybe both.  Also, look for a post about kids' stuff and the pouches I'm planning on creating for them!

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Survive your time on the airplane with this special kit of essentials for moms.

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