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Camping Books for Kids

I love reading on social media about camping, whether it's people asking questions about camping with kids or pictures of happy, family trips. It makes me feel like things are finally getting back to normal for many people, which makes my heart very joyful. Even if you're not in a place where camping is allowed quite yet, you can still read about camping in this fun collection of books. They'd also be a nice activity for a rainy camping trip or a way to keep the excitement alive even when it's not camping season. Learn more about the books by clicking on the colored text.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping
I'm not sure if English is Amelia Bedelia's first language or not, but she always seems to get the meaning of the words messed up.  She thinks that pitch a tent means to throw it and that catching a fish is done with your hands.  Kids will laugh at the silly situations that she gets herself into, while enjoying this fun camping adventure.

Just Me and My Dad
I loved this book at a kid!  It is the story of an eager to please Little Critter, who wants to make his camping trip into the best one ever!  Even when he messes up almost every single moment, his dad remains patient and adjusts the plan to go along with what needs to happen instead of getting upset by having his trip ruined.  It's a very sweet book for families, especially those with an energetic firecracker with a good heart.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping
Yay for combining all the things my family loves into one book- camping, cats, and Bigfoot!  Pete the Cat is heading out on a trip and can't wait to experience everything the woods has to offer including camping and fishing.  But, then, he hears the story of Bigfoot and wonders if camping is a good idea after all (really, he should be learning about bear safety).

S is for Smores
Camping is one of the most common American national pasttimes, so it makes sense to have an entire book about it.  S is for Smores talks about every letter in the alphabet through the lens of camping and everything related to it.  From equipment to locations, you're family will enjoy exploring this multi-level book.

The Kids' Campfire Book
With 125 pages of activities, ideas, games, and more, this guide book is the definitive resource on everything about campfires and sitting around one.  There are recipes, crafts, and tips for building a campfire.  Be sure to add some fire color packets if you give this to as a gift.

When We Go Camping
One of the best parts of this book is the illustrations!  Every page has a hidden woodland creature to find!  There are also animal tracks to identify.  The text follows a family from morning until night as they play and explore in the woods.  Read it year-round to remember what your family loves about camping and to look forward to next year.

Bird Watch
We enjoy informal bird watching when we go camping, and this book would be a good resource for your family if you enjoy identifying birds around your campsite.  There are guides in this book for some common bird species, their tracks, nests, and eggs for a great start at identifying most types.  The book also features activities, a birding log, a magnifying glass, and stickers, and talks about life cycles, bird types, migration, habitats, and more.  This book would make a great gift for homeschoolers too!

Campout: The Ultimate Kid's Guide
Whether you're camping in the wilderness or the backyard, this book talks about everything kids would want to know- how to pitch a tent, how to tie knots, ideas for exploring nature, recipes for campfire food, and more.  This seems like it would be an especially good resource for an anxious or special needs child, who wants to know everything s/he can learn before heading out on a first trip.

Biscuit Goes Camping
This easy reader book features the lovable pup, Biscuit, on his first camping adventure.  Rainy day camping is discussed, which makes this a good choice for those living in the Pacific Northwest (wink).  If you're kid is learning to read, put this book in their hands.

I hope you enjoy this list!  Did I miss your favorite?  Comment below!

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