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Crafting in the Car- Travelling with Creativity

I know that no one is traveling now with the global crisis we're dealing with these days.  However, I don't think it's ever the wrong time to start planning for your next adventure.  Enjoy this list- it's been a long time coming.

I have written this article so many times in my head that I thought I had already made a blog post about it! I was a bit shocked when I looked it up and discovered that I hadn't posted it yet.  Making things for travel and crafting things during travel is one of my passions.  For better or worse.

I've been crafting in the car for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I did coloring books, plastic canvas, and friendship bracelets.  As an adult, I've knitted, crocheted, made friendship bracelets, and cross stitched.  Before I pack anything else for a trip, I decide which crafts I'll be working on.  Whether it's just for a half hour trip to the city or a three day adventure, I always have to be crafting!  Being a passenger is the best!

If you're the type of person who has considered buying a hot glue gun that plugs into your car or if you're looking for some ways to keep yourself busy on a drive, here's a non-exhaustive list of small crafts and ways to organize your supplies.  So, stream an audiobook or your favorite tunes through the bluetooth transmitter and get crafting!

English Paper Piecing Quilts in a Tin // Secrets of the Sewing Room
I am in awe of this tiny quilting project in an Altoid-type tin.  The little hexagons are sewn around a paper template and then stitched to each other to make impossibly small quilts and decorations.  Click on the colored text above for instructions and click here for all your English Paper Quilting supplies like tiny templates, fabric, and books.

Tea Infuser Yarn Dispenser // Makezine
This one isn't as much a specific craft as it is just an organization hack.  If you're doing a project that requires just a tiny bit of yard in different colors, use a metal tea infuser to hold your small balls of yarn.  You could hang them off of a zipper too!

Woven Friendship Bracelet Tutorial // Michael Ann Made
As I already mentioned, I spend hours working on friendship bracelets in the car as a preteen. This neat tutorial tells you how to take a piece of scrap cardboard to make a weaving board.  By wrapping and moving the threads over each other in a certain way, you can create a woven bracelet.  I believe the concept is similar to a knitting spool (which would also be a good project for travel).  Both crafts would be good for kids from about age 8 and up.

Hand Sewing Kit in a Tin // Fabric and Flowers
If you look on Pinterest, there are many different ways to create a hand sewing kit in a tiny tin.  Here is one version.  She used a deeper container, which holds full spools of thread.  If you only have a smaller tin, you could pack it with bobbins filled with thread instead.  Add in a cute pair of thread scissors and some needles and you're ready to fix a button or do some hand sewing.

Quilted Knitting Case // Noodle Head
If you're someone who likes to have lots of double pointed sock needles in your person at all times, then you need to make this quilted needle case.  I like the handles and the zipper pouch for all the extra notions you might need.  Personally, I prefer circular needles, even for flat knitting, as it's impossible to lose the needles while there in use (and much harder for a kid to steal one to use as a sword).

Bumblebee Mini Cross Stitch in a Tin // KBB Crafts
I've admired this tiny cross-stitch pattern for many years.  It's adorable.  If you had a sewing group, you could put together kits for all your friends.  It seems like it would be a good Girl Scout or 4H project too.  Click the link to get the free printable pattern and label.

Wood Art Case // Consumer Crafts
If you have a plein air painter, artist, or adult coloring book enthusiast in the family, this DIY art case would be very helpful.  Complete with a latch to hold everything inside the box, this kit is perfect for throwing in a bag or backpack.  Load it up with paper and everything else you need.  Great for kids, too!

Crochet Crafting Kit // Skip to My Lou
Do you ever see a cute lunch bag and wanted to buy it but didn't need it for a lunch outside the home?  Now, you can find a buy the bag and fill it with your crochet supplies!  One of the hardest things to me about crochet projects is trying not to lose the hook and keeping all the yarn from escaping all over the car.  With this bag, you won't ever have that problem again!

Travel Scrapbook Kit // Smart, Fun, DIY
It's been many years since I've done physical, paper scrapbooking, but I know that some people continue that 90's trend (much like myself and plastic canvas).  Click on the link to see how one blogger brings her scrapbooking with her on vacation.

Cupholder Sewing Caddy // Sew Many Ways
This sewing caddy was one of the first "crafting on the road" projects that I found when I started looking at travel blogging years ago.  She uses a plastic cupholder and sews a caddy for holding her hand sewing supplies.  I love the idea of not having to dig for all my supplies and keeping them nearby so I don't lose them.

Altoid Tin Sewing Kit // Mermaid's Den
I love Altoid Tins and use them all the time for crafting and organizing our travel and home.  It's no surprise, then, that I want to fill this blog post with lots of Altoid tin ideas.  I like the needle storage in this tin.  I'm not sure you can ever have enough safe places to stick needles.

Multiple Yarn Dispenser // Inking Idaho
Mason jars are so versatile for crafting!  This crafter used a straw lid and dowel rod to create a jar full of crafting potential with different yarn colors.  By threading them through the top of the jar, you can ensure quick access to each of them whenever you want them.

Recycled Lid Pincushion Ring // Sew Many Ways
This quick hot glue craft would be great for machine and hand sewers.  Reuse a plastic lid to create a pincushion for all your extra sewing pins.  Instead of sticking the pins in your clothing like I usually do, you can wear this ring and put them in there.

Knitting Car Caddy // Makezine
If you like knitting in the car and need a place to stick all your supplies, this hanging caddy would be a great addition.  You can keep all your needles, yarn, patterns, scissors, counters, and everything else in this handy location.  Go ahead- count the miles in knit stitches!

Watercolor Set in a Tin // Doodle Wash
If you have a plein air painter in the family like I do, you know how important it is to have watercolor paints that can travel.  This altoid tin organizer is great for carrying a variety of colors.  When you're done painting, let them dry and pack them up for your next wonderful location.

Storing Markers in Crystal Light Container  //  Party Through the USA
Several years ago, when adult coloring books were first starting to become popular, I bought this crystal light container of "adult markers" on our road trip.  The container comes with a lid, which is a bonus for any travel accessory.  Of course, it's also free, if you buy the powdered drink mix.  I recommend punching holes in the lid and the container to add a key chain wire ring to hold the two pieces together.

What do you like to craft on the road?  Comment below how you organize your supplies!

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