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Making Coffee While Camping and Hunting

I've been sleeping for the past month or so, as I've been focusing on getting our new homeschool year started.  My mind has been distracted from family travel or camping- so sad.  The colder weather, though, has me thinking about cozy hot drinks like pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and hot cocoa.  Since it's also getting to be fall camping and hunting season, I thought this was a great time to focus on some off-the-grid ways to make coffee and other hot drinks.  This shopping guide should be very helpful now and give you lots of ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Presse Stainless Steel French Press- This durable french press is triple-wall insulated, doesn't require any special equipment, filters, or pods, and can be used with any coffee or tea of your choice.  The insulation keeps your preferred drink hot for hours.  Users say that the coffee needs to be poured out in order to cool enough to drink, which is a great chance to use a fun mug like these enamel Adventure ones.

Coleman Quik Pot Propane Coffee Maker- From the foremost name in camping gear comes this neat, self-contained contraption for making a cup of joe in the wilderness.  It runs off the same propane tank as your stove and lanterns and brews a family-sized pot for a crowd.  Unfortunately, it has a glass cravat, which seems impractical for camping or hunting.  It might be nice for a remote cabin, though.

Electric Portable Espresso Maker- This coffeemaker brews hot coffee without the addition of boiling water (a change from everything else I've showcased so far).  It can plug into your car or be operated on a rechargeable battery.  The machine does need coffee pods to work, which may limit the variety of coffee choices you have.  Add a battery powered milk frother and you can enjoy a quality latte anywhere you travel.

All in One Boil and Brew French Press- This coffee maker can be used on a campfire or cook stove to boil water for food or make drinks.  If you like to eat freeze dried food, this would be a great addition to your camping, hiking, and hunting gear.

Coleman Coffee Maker- This is the coffee maker that my parents bring camping.  It's good for a crowd because it'll make 10 cups at a time.  The machine works like a regular drip coffee pot, but requires a camp stove burner to heat the water.  Unlike some of the other options, this one doesn't need any special pods and can be used with any coffee you chose.  My mom usually makes more than one pot and serves it out of an insulated thermos to her guests.

MyJo Single Cup Coffee Press- For many years, this single user coffee pod contraption was at the top of my list to try.  Then, I discovered the Presse Stainless Steel French Press (first on the list) and love the unbreakable factor of that coffee maker.  The MyJo takes boiling water like the other french press (but unlike the stainless one, MyJo can go into the microwave), and then is pressed to brew the coffee.  The Presse one comes with a built in insulated tumbler to store the coffee, whereas the MyJo dispenses the coffee into a separate cup.  If you're tight on space, the MyJo does have a smaller footprint.

Plastic Coffee Dripper- The lowest of technology, this funnel holds the coffee filter over your cup as you pour hot water through it.  It would be easy to clean, light to pack, and durable.  Just don't forget to pack the coffee filters.

Stovetop Peculator- When I think about camp coffee, I imagine the peculator.  Classic and durable, this pot is guaranteed to make a brew fit for a crowd.  Of course, you can boil the grounds in a regular pot for "cowboy coffee" if you really need an authentic experience.

Mounchain Filter Coffee Machine- This machines uses battery powered to push the hot water through the coffee beans.  It also uses the coffee pods for convenience.  It comes with a built-in mug, so that all you'll need for this machine is a source of hot water.  Advertised on Amazon as being great for travel!

Are you craving a hot cup of coffee now?  I am!

Which one of these methods is your
favorite way to make a cup of joe?

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