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The Secret to Amazing Big Bubbles

We've been spending a bit of time this summer with a fabulous lady, who is an expert in blowing huge bubbles!  I've been posting her bubbles on Instagram and have gotten lots of questions about how she makes them.  I reached out to "Lady Bubble Bee" and asked her to tell me all her secrets.  This post is compiled from emails I had with her recently and is posed with her permission.  I hope you enjoy!

Lady Bubble Bee's Recipe for Amazing Bubbles

- 8oz Dawn Liquid Detergent (must be PLATINUM version- the other's won't work)

- 1 tsp J-Lube Powder (veterinary powder)

- 1 Tbsp Baking Powder

- 1 Gallon of Water (distilled is best)

In a small bowl, combine the J-Lube Powder and baking powder together and mix well.  Find a container with a lid (like this one) larger than one gallon and empty the dish soap into it.  Then, gently stir the powders into the soap.  Very slowly, add the water.

After the initial mixing, a white powder will settle to the bottom- this is waste and does not need to be remixed.  If too much foam is making the bubbles pop prematurely, get a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to mist onto the bubble tray to pop the foam.  Lady Bubble Bee says that the foaming usually only occurs when using smaller bubble wands and a shallow tray.

How to Make Giant Bubble Wands

-  telescoping fishing poles

rayon finish mop head string

thick cotton twine

round utility pan

- duct tape

- carabiners

As you can see in the picture above, Lady Bubble Bee uses telescoping fishing poles for her bubble wands.  She prefers the carbon fiber rods without a reel (like this one) and gets the 4.5 meter ones, but only extends them a few meters.

For the bubble nets, she likes rayon finish mop head string for the top of the tri-wand, and uses thick cotton twine for the other two sides.  Experiment with what you like for the top string size and the configurations of the net strings.

She also adds a 10 inch "leader" cord to her fishing poles with duct tape, and then ties a small carabiner or S-hook to the end so she can switch out her nets.  Lastly, she uses a round utility pan for saturating the strings and making the bubbles.

If you're confused about what I've written, this other tutorial on bubble wands might help you (although they don't use the leader cords).  You can also buy pre-made giant bubble wands on Amazon.  If you have any other questions, message me, and I'll get you in touch with Lady Bubble Bee.

Where to Blow Bubbles

Lady Bubble Bee loves to blow her bubbles near water like at a beach, lakefront, or poolside.  The bubbles actually change color when they hit the water and look so beautiful.  She has also done them in campgrounds while camping, at a reservation while waiting for fireworks, and many other places.  Wherever she goes, she draws a crowd or kids ready to pop the bubbles and admirers wanting to learn her secrets.

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