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Toy Story 20 Questions Game

Pixar is releasing Toy Story 4 this month (June 20)!  In honor of the fourth installment and the "drive-in movie" week I'm running on my other blog, I thought I should make today's travel post Toy Story themed.  I know my kids are counting down to the fun- what about yours?  Have you been to Toy Story Land?  Let me know in the comments below.

Just like my Lego 20 Questions game, this Toy Story one can be printed on cardstock, cut apart, and put into an Altoid tin for all your waiting times.  Each card lists the name of a character and includes a picture, so that everyone know all about each toy to answer the 20 questions.  Slip the Altoid tin into a purse, bag, or pocket so you always have a quick game for travel and other waiting times.

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Perhaps you're planning a trip to a Disney park or heading on a Toy Story themed road trip.  Either way, I thought I'd gather up some toys, books, and other products from the new movie.  From the classics of twenty years ago like Buzz and Woody or new characters like Forky, the new video promises to have lots of romping fun we've come to love from the Toy Story franchise.


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