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Scavenger Hunt Printable for Pacific Northwest Animals

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and living in the region most of my life means that I've seen quite a few of the animals from this area.  My kids regularly spot bald eagles, blue heron, and loons.  To encourage them to continue looking to animals and enjoying their time in nature, I made a printable scavenger hunt that focuses on some of the animals we can see in this area.

Print this checklist and laminate it to use over and over or write on it with permanent marker and use the lamination to keep it safe through your travels.  Bring it camping and hiking and keep track of everything you find.  I have included several species listed by their particular name and some general categories.  There are 20 animals total- coastal creatures, birds, forest mammals, and freshwater animals.

Each family can decide how specific they want to be in their search.  For example, instead of only looking for a moose, your family may chose to "count" any large herbivore.  Or instead of looking for a mallard duck, you can mark off any water fowl.  Basically, it's up to you how hard or easy you make this search.

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