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How to Make Yourself Invisible to Mosquitoes

I am a mosquito magnet!  They absolutely love me!  While some members of my family hardly ever get bit, I am a bug buffet.  I have tested almost every mosquito product and repellent on the market.  From sprays to lotions to 100% deet to natural recipes- I've tried it all.  It seems like some of these products work for most people, so I've decided to list the major types for you.  How many of them have you tried?

My favorite mosquito repellent is the Thermacell "repeller."  It sounds funny to say it, but my life got so much better after I got the personal device.  I am an asthmatic, so the harsh deet-filled product and even natural "plant-based" repellents are too strong and can make my lungs react badly.  The Thermacell claims to be "scent-free," which holds pretty true (I can sometimes pick up a bit of a scent).  At the same time, the repeller does heat up and emit some sort of scent that keeps mosquitoes away.  Be sure to keep the refill pads new at every use (or almost every use) to keep the repellent strength at it's strongest.  If you're heading out this summer, I highly recommend that you pick up a Thermacell or two (not a sponsor)

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