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Are We There Yet?

Are you heading out on a road trip this summer?  Whether it's a day trip or an epic journey, all parents dread hearing four little words from their kids- "Are we there yet?"  The first time is usually ok, but it gets old quickly.  None of the answers adults give seem to satisfy their offspring and the cycle just continues.

When we go on trips, I've found that having a progress countdown is very helpful.  We use a custom map with dots placed along our route as goals.  I place them at state lines, big cities, river crossings, or anything else that makes a very obvious from the window that we've entered a new location.  Then, we add a sticker to our map.  The kids can see for themselves how many spots we have to pass before we get to our destination or hotel and how many dots we've already done.  It works very well, we rarely hear the dreaded words.

Our success with the map caused me to think about other road trip countdown ideas.  I scoured the internet for some fun and unique ideas.  Click on the colored text to visit the original articles and see the ideas in action.

While I was on the road trip theme, I decided to put together a list of products that can make your adventure more pleasant.  Everything from real paper maps (GPS doesn't work everywhere) to activities for the kids.  Of course, you can find more DIY kids toys on this blog!

Games on the Go  ♢  Cooler  ♢  Travel Mug

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