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Road Trip Planner Printable

I made this road trip planning printable almost a year ago and just found it recently (haha!).  Although we mainly rely on our phones for road trip planning, I thought it would be good to also have a paper-and-pencil planning option.  My parents still get a lot of use out of the Camping Notebook that I made, so I was hoping that others would equally benefit from a printable Road Trip Planner, too.

The PDF includes two sizes of pages, full and half size.  Each page can be printed as many times as you'd like and placed in a binder or half binder.  You could keep all your road trips in one notebook as sort of a scrapbook of your family vacations.  Let me know if there are other pages you'd like to see included in the printable.

Included Pages

Vacation Calendar- days of the week without dates, which can be used to map out where you plan on being or going each day

Menu- plan out your food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a few different styles of pages

Snack List- what's a road trip without snacks?

Hotel Information- a place to jot down locations and confirmation numbers or to keep track of your opinions of each place if you plan on heading that direction again

Activities and Toys- plan your kids' toy to match a theme (dinosaurs for a Jurassic trip or minions for a Despicable Me trip) or just list everything so you remember what to pack or buy (suggestions here)

Media List- movies, music, and audiobooks that your family will enjoy or that match your trip's theme (be sure to include at least one lullaby CD)

In the Cooler- drinks, sandwich fixings, refrigerated snacks, meds, etc

In the Car- a place to list all the bags and boxes that must be taken to the car

Budget- keep track of expenses or plan out the money spending

Packing List- blank pages for writing out your stuff and a suggestion list

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