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Mystery Snack Road Trip Game

When I was a kid, my mom would play 20 Questions with our road trip food.  We called it "Mystery Snacks."  She would secretly buy items that we'd either never tried before, a new flavor of a favorite food, or something we rarely go to eat.  Then, at snack time, we'd have to play 20 Questions to guess the food.  Sometimes, it was very frustrating and no one got the answer for hours and hours (ok, probably only 30 minutes or so).  My mom wouldn't let us give up after 20 Questions, we had to continue until we finally guessed it.  Other times, we guessed it right away.  I haven't played this game with my own kids yet, because I felt like they were a bit too young to understand it.  I think they're ready though and will be trying it with them soon.

In Between Snacks, Read a Good Book!

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