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Galaxy Battle Card Game

I absolutely love the adorable "Galaxy Battle" clip art from @AccaliaDigital on Etsy!  Ever since I bought the set last year, I haven't stopped using them in great games and pinterest images.  I made this card game last summer, but never got around to putting it on the blog.  Since this coming Saturday is May the Fourth, this seems like a good time to get it out into the world.

The set of cards feature 20 popular characters from the Star Wars franchise including a Stormtrooper, BB8, Rey, and Bobo Fett.  The PDF is set up to print four cards for every character with a si-fi background to make the cards less see-through.  Just set your printer to double-sided and print the entire packet.  I recommend using cardstock for durability.

With the background, the PDF is a bit of an ink sucker, but that's why I love my HP Instant Ink printer!  I can print whatever I want and use as much ink as I want for one monthly fee.  Before we even run out of ink, HP sends up the next set of cartridges.  I don't know how it could be easier!  I used to spend so much money every year on printer ink and getting my printables printed at Staples.  Now, I can make whatever I want for free!  To find out more, read the post from my other blog, where I lay out the details of how it works.

After you've printed the cards, I recommend laminating them for durability.  The cards can be used for a rousing game of "Go Dark," which is just the "Galaxy Battle" version of "Go Fish."  The "that's no moon" card can be the "Old Maid" card in a game of the same name.  Instructions for both games can be found on the Bicycle Card website or by clicking the colored text above.  As with most of the printables I've been making lately, these cards fit in an Altoid tin and the PDF comes with a label for the tin.

This "Galaxy Battle" card game is durable (and cheap) enough for camping, the beach, travel, and all sorts of outings.  Carry them around with you everywhere, so you'll always have something to do with your kids at restaurants, appointments, and other wait times.  Here are some other fun games that I found:

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