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Grab and Go Games for Travel

I've been writing a lot lately about the beach lately on both blogs, so I thought I would do a post on something a bit more generic.  On facebook, people have been asking a lot of questions about travel activities and games to put in Easter baskets.  The inspired me to put together this list of traditional (and non-traditional) games that you can find in travel versions.  I do a lot of DIY game posts, but sometimes you want to get an activity that you don't have to make.  This is for you.

collage of store-bought travel games

Connect 4- Work on fine motor skills, logic, and planning with this tiny version of the classic game.

Battleship- I've been obsessed with Battleship lately.  All my grid games are based on this war game.  Also comes in a 20 minute "express" version, which looks very interesting too.

Tile Lock Scrabble- Play this classic crossword game anywhere with tiles that won't slip off the board.

Trouble- I like how this game has a cover to keep everything covered and compact for travel.

Hangman- Sure you can grab a pencil and draw out this spelling game, but this magnetic cowboy version is so fun your kids won't be able to resist playing it.  Perfect for a wild west themed road trip.

Snakes and Ladders- Practice addition to 100 with this magnetic board game.

Monopoly- This dice based game claims that it can be played in 20 minutes.  Sounds great for restaurants or any type of travel.

Clue- This classic who-done-it game is available in a 20-minute express version that is dice based and a grab-and-go travel version that is a miniature of the larger game board.

Yatzee- As I wrote a few weeks ago, I love dice games for travel.  Here's a compact and ready to go version of Yatzee perfect for camping and other travel.

Pass the Pigs- This dice game uses plastic pigs as the dice for a funny challenge that's great for a trip to the farm.

Qwirkle- This tile based travel game has a bit of uno style and a bit of dominoes in a compact container with tiny tiles.

Bop It- If you're fast, you can pass this compact memory game throughout the car.  Look for it in other versions like Despicable Me's Minions <> Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot <> and Star War's B8.

Uno- I couldn't believe how many different versions of this game are available and they travel so well.  You can almost find a special set of cards for any road trip theme you can imagine- Jurassic World <> Emojis <> The Incredibles <> Super Mario <> Avengers <> Despicable Me <> Harry Potter <> Cars <> and many more!


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