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Dinosaur Grid Game with Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis

This is a sponsored post from Safari Ltd.  Party Through the USA received free toys in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

We're getting ready for a Dinosaur-themed road trip this spring, so I've been making lots of fun printables to coordinate.  I'm also on a battleship-like grid game kick- I think I'll end up with one for every theme.  I already have one that uses Oreo cookies, another with mini rubber ducks, one with goldfish crackers, and a few more.

Several years ago, when I first started getting excited about crafting with Altoid Tins, I made a dinosaur small world with felt.  The kids absolutely loved the Good Luck Mini Dinosaurs that I used in this tin.  They're adorable and so detailed, but the irresistible part is that they're squishy!!!  My kids couldn't stop handling them and squishing them between their fingers.

Photo Credit- My other blog: In Our Pond

For my latest printable, I wanted to use the Good Luck Mini Dinosaurs again.  Because the tiny dinosaurs stand up on their own, they're perfect to use as game pieces.  In this grid game, players take turns trying to find their opponents dinosaurs hidden on the coordinates.  Just like the classic battleship game, the players can keep track of their hits and misses on the upright board, while their dinos stay hidden below.

To make the game, download the printable and print the first page twice on cardstock (two pieces).  Or, if you want to color your own board game, you can print the second page twice and have each player design their own dinosaur world.

After the boards are done, I recommend laminating both pages.  To assemble the game, cut away the excess laminate and cut the top and bottom boards apart along the white line (making a 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch shape).  Then, tape them back together with packaging tape, which should allow the boards to fold flat for storage.

Place both opponents game boards back to back and clip the bottom edge of the upright boards together with clothespins to help the game stand up.  Alternatively, you could secure them along the tops with paper clips; although, players might have to take turns holding it up.

Because the game is laminated, right and wrong guesses (hits and misses) can be recorded on the upright board with a dry erase marker.  The game can either be played until all the dinosaurs have been found or until 1 person finds 3-5 of their opponents dinos, depending on how much time the players want to spend at the game.

Oh, and did I mention that all the game pieces fit in an Altoid tin for safekeeping?  You could even build the small world for your dinos to make two travel activities out of one!  The game is free to download, so click the link below to get started!

For Party Through the USA readers, Safari Ltd has given us an exclusive promo code!  If you put "MissyP" in the discount codes box during checkout, you can receive 15% off your entire order!  I'm very excited about this special offer, so click on the link above or below to shop at Safari Ltd's website.  Ge sure to check out their entire Good Luck Mini collection and all their awesome dinosaur toys!

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