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Dinosaur Grid Game with Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis

This is a sponsored post from Safari Ltd.  Party Through the USA received free toys in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

We're getting ready for a Dinosaur-themed road trip this spring, so I've been making lots of fun printables to coordinate.  I'm also on a battleship-like grid game kick- I think I'll end up with one for every theme.  I already have one that uses Oreo cookies, another with mini rubber ducks, one with goldfish crackers, and a few more.

Several years ago, when I first started getting excited about crafting with Altoid Tins, I made a dinosaur small world with felt.  The kids absolutely loved the Good Luck Mini Dinosaurs that I used in this tin.  They're adorable and so detailed, but the irresistible part is that they're squishy!!!  My kids couldn't stop handling them and squishing them between their fingers.

Photo Credit- My other blog: In Our Pond

For my latest printable, I wanted to use the Good Luck Mini Dinosaurs again.  B…

DIY Cord Keeper Ideas

I've love spending my time in between road trips crafting and figuring out better ways to organize all the little things that are part of our journeys.  Lately, I've been thinking about our bluetooth radio transmitter (we have one that fits in a cupholder) and charging station in the car and some ways I can make it more functional.

I just ordered longer USB cords which should make it easier for us to manipulate our devices around for use while they charge.  I'm also thinking about ways to secure the cords and keep them out of our way while we're using the cords.  Perhaps I'll buy some cord clips to attach to the dashboard.

When we're not using the cords and want to store them in our car or in my purse, I wanted to DIY a special place to keep them.  I hopped on the internet to check out what other people had done and thus this post was born.  This round-up features lots of recycled containers, which is always wonderful.  I haven't quite decided what I want …

Travel Dice Games for Kids

Dice is great for camping and other types of travel, because they're tiny, heavy, and washable.  They don't take up very much room in your luggage and can often be stored in an altoid tin.  Most dice have some weight to them, so you don't have to worry about them blowing away if you're playing outside.  Lastly, plastic dice are washable, in case they end up in the mud or get grimy from being played by lots of people.  As we approach primary travel season, I've rounded up some awesome dice games from around the web.

Dice is good for math practice, too.  As a homeschool family, we're always looking for ways to add fun into our school time.  Many of the games in this post promote number recognition, addition, probability, multiplication, and other math concepts.  I've also simplified many of the games to make them easier for kids to understand and win.

Pig or Jeopardy or Greed
GOAL- Be the First to 100
DICE- 1 total or 1 per person
ADDITIONAL- 100 chart for ea…

10 Best Apps for Family Road Trips

Although we say that our road trips are "screen-free," the driver and adult passengers rely on several apps to make our trips better.  To make it even better, all of these apps are free for download!  Several of these apps, we use all year long to enhance our normal driving times and around the house.  Click the colored words to download them for your next trip.

Google Maps
The kids call her "Mrs. Google," and she tells us how to navigate in new places.  Whether we're trying to find a relative's house, our hotel, or a bathroom, we trust Mrs. Google to lead us there.  I'm sure your phone already has Google Maps installed, but if you don't for some reason, get it today (it's free).  (google)  (apple)

My kids love to listen to audiobooks all year long, especially the ones that go along with the Disney movies.  For a set price a month, you get one audiobook credit, which is yours to download and keep.  Even after you cancel your membership, y…