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Printable Travel Journal

One of the DIY gifts I made this year was a travel journal for a sister who is hoping to take a trip to Scotland next year.  I designed these printable pages to go int the book I made for her, and I've decided to share them on here too.

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The pages were designed to fit in a half-sized binder (I ordered this one), which I thought would give my sister a lot of freedom to rearrange the journal to her liking.  The pages can be cut apart on the line, and the left-hand pages can be hole-punched and placed directly in the book.

The right-hand pages can be put in page protectors (here) and the backside can be used to store memorabilia.  You can also use pockets like these or this for memorabilia or make your own out of envelopes.  A mini 3-hole punch can be found here.

I'd also recommend adding a pencil pouch for pens and such.  The free journal file also includes 2 possible journal covers.  You can use mine or make your own.

So, here's what I did for my sister's journal:

Here's the complete gift (minus the Disney "Would You Rather" book which wasn't done yet).  It was a lot of fun to make.  The pink thing is a passport holder that I stitched out of felt.  Everything else, I'll detail below.

(Sorry about the bad pictures- I need a better camera)

Here is a peek inside the journal.  I bought some zippered pouches from Staples, which will work well for catching all those little pieces of memorabilia.  Right now, the pocket has some fun travel stickers that I bought from the craft store.

The blue thing is a pencil pouch that encloses with velcro.  I've filled it with lots of colored pens and fancy writing tools.  From Staples, I also bought a package of subject dividers that have pocket on them for brochures or whatever.  I've also included a mini 3-hole punch so my sister can add the maps and stuff directly to the journal.

I made these travel games inside small tins (the links are below).  The Farkle game is an Altoid tin that I lined with sticker-back felt.  The dice were bought in bulk, and the rules were printed off the internet.  The tangram game is magnetic and comes with lots of puzzles for her to try.  I'm hoping she enjoys them.

I designed the checker game myself to fit in a card tin.  The pieces are magnetic, so the tin can be closed and packed away and then the game resumed later with every piece in place.

To round off her homemade travel supplies, I made her an oversized sleep mask out of felt.  I'm hoping it will help my sister sleep on all the airplanes, trains, buses, cabs, etc, that she will be riding in while she's on her grand adventure.

So, there it is.  I trust you found something helpful.

Resources I Used:
- Scottish prayer and dictionary
- travel photo challenge
- Farkle game
- Disney "Would You Rather" game
- passport envelope (resized)
- tangram challenge
- Tinkerbell tic-tac-toe
- oversized sleep mask pattern

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