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DIY Blind Bags for Surprise Toys

My kids love blind bags!  They love the suspense of getting a package and not having any idea what is in it.  They even enjoy watching other people open them on Youtube!

Sadly, blind bags are sort of expensive, especially when you're buying everything in multiples for more than one kid.  I try to look for deals at the Dollar store or on clearance isles of box stores.  I don't have either option in my town, which means that I still have quite a few "holes" in my summer road trip entertainment that need filling.

I ran into the idea on Pinterest to wrap the road trip surprises in wrapping paper, but I don't actually own any paper.  I also don't like wrapping regular gifts (we use reusable fabric bags), so wrapping items even for a really fun reason sounds like torture.  As I was contemplating my problem, I remembered some random pin that I saw a few years ago, which used tin toil to wrap the surprise toys.

One of our bonus outings during our road trip will be to a dinosaur museum, so I dug through our sensory bin stuff to find a few toys that I had bought we hadn't used yet.  These dinosaur fossils came as a party favor bulk buy, so I had a lot of skeletons choices.

I covered six of them (two for each kid) in heavy duty tin foil, which was a really (really) easy way to wrap them.  The foil made it very easy to disguise what was in the packages and was thick enough to keep the dinosaur tails from poking through.  Hopefully, the children will appreciate the effort.

I have a bunch of different blind bags for our journey- Thomas the Train Minis, Matchbox cars, Hatchimals, Lego keychains, sticky hands, and a few other things.  Any "party favor" pack of toys would work well.  I aimed for less than $1 USD per toy.


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