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The Best Disney Audiobooks for Kids

My kids love the Disney Jr Novelizations of the movies, which have been turned into audiobooks.  Dragonfly (age 6) especially loves to listen to them at quiet time and bedtime.  She is able to pull up the Audible app on my old phone by herself and select the movies from our library.  I think we own every one they've made so far!

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We also love listening to the audiobooks on our road trips.  Because the kids know the basic story of the Disney movies, even my kids younger kids are able to follow the audiobook (they sometimes get lost on other books).  We broadcast all our music and books through our phones with a radio transmitter.  I added a micro SD card to my phone, so we'd have lots of memory available for downloaded media.  As a bonus, if I want to put the audiobooks, movies, or whatever onto my Kindle Fire, I can just move the SD card from one device to another.

Can you guess my kids favorite audiobook?

Have you figured it out?  Scroll down for the answer.

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Answer- Zootopia and Brave


  1. We listen to Disney audiobooks ALL. THE. TIME! My girls love them. We also rent Song and Story CDs from the library, which have 4 songs from the movie and a 10-15 minute audio story.


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