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All American Road Trip Ideas for Kids

It's officially summer time here in the USA, which means a lot of red, white, and blue holidays and family road trips.  One of the most traveled times of the year is the days around July 4th, our nation's independence day.  In celebration of the great American road trip, I present a star-spangled, red, white, and blue road trip theme.


One of the easiest things to collect for a road trip is printables, and there are so many options online.  These are a small sampling of all thing ones you can find!


The most important thing about summer road trips is having snacks that don't melt!  This list is a bit heavy on the "treats," but I don't regret it.  The red, white, and blue is so fun!


Some of these would be best at your destination or at a rest stop, but most would be ok in the car.  Put in the comments what other activities you like to do in the car.

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