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How to Plan a Dinosaur Themed Road Trip

This blog article was originally posted on my first blog In Our Pond.  I started out trying to put all my travel content on my homeschooling blog, but it grew to be too big.  So, I'm moving all the road trip stuff over here!  It'll probably take me a while to move all the posts, but I'll also be posting new content on here as well.  In Our Pond will now be exclusively for homeschooling and parenting content, while this blog (Party Through the USA) is for all the family travel posts.  Check them both out!

I've been planning a pirate themed road trip for this summer's adventure.  We're going to be in the car for at least six days (three there and three back), which gives us plenty of opportunities for some themed fun along the way.

When I first started planning, I had no idea where exactly to begin.  Pinterest actually didn't give me too much information (except for this one post), since, apparantly, themed road trips are sort of rare.  I propose that with all the Pinteresting people are doing these days that themed road trips are going to be the next big Pinterest party idea.

Perhaps you're thinking that a themed road trip sounds like fun, but, like me, you have no idea how to begin.  I've written this post to explain my process (and maybe to explain why there are so many TTT posts).  Here's a simple dinosaur planner- food, activities,

Pop onto Pinterest and type in "dinosaur party food."  See what types of stuff fills your screen?  Cute, fun punny foods, some of which you can take on your road trip.  Be sure to pack something for every carnivore, herbivore, and "sweet-ivore" in your car.

For a road trip, it's a good idea to pack some activities for in the car, some for rest stops, and some things for your destination.  It's even better if your destination is the dinosaur museum or a fossil dig.

A great, easy way to get into the mood of a themed road trip is with costumes.  They can be as simple as a masks or hat or as elaborate as a full outfit.  Since you'll be traveling by car for long hours, comfort is a BIG deal.  It's also fun to just buy themed t-shirts, maybe matching for the whole family?

The last step in planning a themed road trip is to add in all the extra stuff that will set the mood of your trip/party.  Think like you're planning a party, and you can't go wrong.

I hope this blog post helps you plan your own summer road trip.  Come back every Tuesday for more travel tips, ideas, and DIYs.  I'll be revealing more about our pirate themed road trip soon.

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