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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Printables

I was chatting with another mom as she prepares for a family road trip.  She was asking about scavenger hunt printables.  I was surprised to realize that I had never done anything with road trip bingo.  I enjoyed putting together these images for her.  Scroll the bottom of the post for a brand new scavenger hunt from Party Through the USA!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Printables //Party Through the USA // free printables // busy bags for older kids // travel binder

As promised at the beginning of the post- two new road trip scavenger hunt games.  They are US-centric because that's what I know, but they should be mostly good for all regions of the USA.  I chose to do gas stations and hotel chains, since those are very common sightings and an integral part of road trips.  Pass one out to each kid or give both to all the kids.  Place them in a page cover or laminate them to use over and over.  A whiteboard marker can be used to mark out the signs you see or even the places you visit.  Let me know in the comments what you want to see next.

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Love Bug Pinch Activity in an Altoid Tin

Love Bug Pinch Activity in an Altoid Tin // Party Through the USA // ladybug toys // travel activities

I know it's a bit early for springtime posts, but all of our snow is melted and it's warming up already (I think we might get a springtime burial in snow).  I mainly wanted to make this printable activity for Valentine's Day.  Since the spider game is so popular, I thought a ladybug one would be a good addition.

Just like the spider game, the lady bug game is contained in a tiny Altoid tin.  The printable contains a custom cover for the tin.  I usually leave the tin unpainted but you can look for tutorials online for how to spray paint or cover them.  Laminate the cover or coat it with modge podge then hot glue it to the tin.

Love Bug Pinch Activity in an Altoid Tin // Party Through the USA // travel activities // DIY toys // ladybugs // homeschooling // math // STEM

The printable comes with themed number squares, which can be used to help a child build number sense.  Using either Good Luck Mini ladybugs or craft buttons, the child can show the value for each number.  If you want to work on numbers 1-5, then you'll need 15 ladybugs in the tin.  If you want to do 1-10 at the same time, you'll need 55 bugs.

Of course, the bugs can also be used for simple addition and subtraction games.  A dice could be added to the tin to make random numbers for equations.  The limit is really only on the kids imagination and skill set for how they use the ladybug counters for math.

Another great game for helping kids understand the factors of a number (for example 9+1=10 but 5+5=10) is an activity called "Dead or Alive Bugs."  Decide what number you want to work on and put that many bugs in a cup or hold in your hands and shake like dice.  Toss them out and count how many bugs are alive and how many are dead.  Or keep track of who has the most alive bugs to see who's the winner after 5 or 10 rounds.

To work on fine motor skills, a pair of tweezers can be included in the tin.  Although it's very challenging, the child can maneuver the tweezers under the bug and grab it.  The bugs could all be laying on their backs and needing to be rescued and put upright or moved around to make the different number quantities.

Although the felt won't fit in the tin, I also recommend that you pack a piece of felt or fabric that can be used as a playing surface.  The felt, which can be purchased at big box or craft stores, helps to define the child's work space and makes the activity pieces less slippery.

Let me know how you use the tin or which theme you'd like to see next in the comments below.

I love ladybugs!  Check out all these adorable ladybug items!

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Love Bug Pinch Activity in an Altoid Tin // Party Through the USA // airplane toys // travel toys // DIY travel activities // printables // math // kindergarten