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Sensory Bottles for Entertaining Kids on the Road

I LOVE sensory bottles!  Ever since I was first introduced to them a few years ago, I've made them and played with them.  My kids like them too!  Most people think of calm down bottles as part of the classroom or making an i-spy bottle on a rainy day, but discovery bottles are also great for road trips.  They're a self-contained, mess-free (if you super glue on the lid) toy that you can customize to your child, road trip theme, or sensory need.

I teamed up with my friends in the Kid Blogger Network to bring you the very best sensory bottles on the net.  I hope you enjoy!

Lego Discovery Bottle // Little Bins for Little Hands
Literacy Safari // In Our Pond
Explore Shapes // JDaniel 4's Mom
Name Recognition // Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
Glow in the Dark Bottle // STEAM Powered Family
Winter Bottle // Natural Beach Living
4th of July Bottle // Growing Hands on Kids
Sun and Rain Bottles // Creative Family Fun

Ocean I-Spy Bottle // Party Through the USA
Letter Discovery Bottle // Little …

Family Food Hacks for Camping

It's almost the end of the summer, and most people are planning their last camping trips.  Labor Day weekend (USA) is also a popular time for family reunions and celebrations.  If you're looking for a few unique ideas to make your time together extra special, you'll love these family-tested hacks.

My kids LOVE those store-bought applesauce pouches that you can buy on the fruit isle of the grocery store.  They're sweet, convenient, and "contain real fruit;" however, I do not like their price tag.  Those little pouches are only 3 oz and they're not reusable.

The other day, I decided to try an experiment with the "portion control" narrow zip top bags that I had in the house.  I used a canning funnel to fill them with applesauce.  Then, I zipped them up and poked a hole in them for the straw (we've since switched to stainless steel straws).  The kids held them by the top edges and sipped out the applesauce.  It was magic!  Plus, they're reu…

I Pressed a Penny, Now What?

Many people have returned home from their vacations and have either gone back to school or are getting ready to resume normal life.  Perhaps you went to a touristy destination and pressed a few pennies at a souvenir machine.  If you're like me, you press the pennies in the excitement of the moment and then don't know what to do with them when you get home.  This is the post for you!

First, if you're new to penny pressing, here are a few resources:

Pressed Penny Collectors website which lists all the known coin pressing machines in the world.  So cool!  I had so much fun looking up places near us to see what machines we haven't visited or missed.  I think it would be a good idea to visit them before an outing so we can plan to get a pressed penny.

Experimenting with Cleaning the Pennies allows you to combine vacation preparations with science.  This would be great for homeschoolers, too.

Get this Metal Punch to put holes in the pressed pennies.  Perfect for craft project…

Everything is Awesome Family Road Trip 2018

We've been home from our Everything is Awesome Lego Road Trip for one week.  I'm just starting to get us unpacked and dig the pictures off the camera to share.  I have several road trip posts planned in the near future (some of them are guests posts on other blogs), so this post is just meant to be an overview.

Unfortunately, our Everything is Awesome trip didn't start out very awesome.  We were anticipating a family reunion with my husband's side of the family, headed by the matriarch, who was near her 90th birthday.  We were very excited to get to spend time with her, as we hadn't seen her in over two years.  Sadly, she died a few days before we left for our trip.

Our second issue that caused us a bit of stress the weeks before the trip was car trouble on our big, comfy, nine-seater SUV.  I made a few crafts for that car to help make it even more comfortable, and was excited about using it.  A few days before we left, my husband informed me that we wouldn't …